Google has rolled out Android's Circle to Search for iPhone users. The move harnesses the power of Google Lens and iOS Shortcuts, making it possible for iPhone users to enjoy the same functionality previously exclusive to Android. Earlier this year, Google launched the Circle to Search feature for Android that takes a screenshot and lets you select what to look up. Google has highlighted that Circle to Search differs from Google Lens primarily in accessibility, as it is universally available on Android devices with a simple long-press, both features share the same search and OCR technology. Circle to Search stands out for its capability to circle or lasso items for selection instead of merely tapping.

For iPhone users, the process is now streamlined with a new shortcut. By using the "Search your screenshot" option in the Google app, users can activate this feature swiftly. This shortcut can be easily accessed through the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro. Although thanks to the Back Tap gesture, this functionality is available on all modern iPhones. By configuring the Back Tap feature in Settings > accessibility > Touch, users can double or triple tap the back of their device to initiate the shortcut.

Your iPhone will take a screenshot of your current display and then send it to Google Lens to quickly copy text, translate, or perform a visual search, with the ability to add a text query. On initial run, select “Always Allow” to allow the image sharing.