MultiChoice, the owners of DStv and GOtv has readjusted subscription prices in Nigeria following a court order by the Competition Consumer Tribunal (CCT) directing the company to halt an increase in its subscription prices.
According to reports, MultiChoice readjusted its price as at Sunday, June 16, 2024. Premium package DStv subscribers will now pay N29,500 instead of N37,000 while Compact Plus subscribers will now pay N19,800 instead of N25,000. Subscribers of Yanga package have reverted to the old price of N4,200 instead of the recently hiked price of N5,100. Furthermore, all other subscription packages have also been reverted to the previous prices.

Meanwhile, GOtv subscribers can now pay the old rate of N12,500 for the Super Plus package instead of N15,700. Super users will pay the old price of N7,600 instead of N9,600. All other subscription packages on GOtv have also been reverted to the old prices.

The company however vowed to challenge the court order of the CCT, amidst complains that it has lost over a million subscribers in the country.

The company was fined N150 million and was also ordered to offer Nigerian subscribers one-month free subscription but it has however not been implemented as of the time of this report.