It can be excusable when actions are taken out of ignorance but not so when persons seen to be enlightened deliberately ignore truths and hold onto falsehood out of flippancy and unbridled sentiments. Such individuals are really dangerous to the society as their goal is to cause social disharmony against their targets for reasons best known to them.

Unveiling the Dark Past of Jackson Ude: A Serial Blackmailer's Trail of Deceit Shakes Nigerian Media

In the realm of Nigerian media, a storm of allegations surrounding blackmail and propaganda has emerged, with Mr. Jackson Ude taking center stage. Presently residing in the United States, Ude stands accused of exploiting his media platform to engage in a pattern of destructive behavior, tarnishing the reputations of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. Among his recent victims is the highly esteemed Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS), Alhaji Yusuf Magaji Bichi.

Allegation of Palliative Fraud Against DGSS, Yusuf Bichi Unfounded

It baffles and often aches me how we got to this level of social media degeneracy in which publications are let loose in their wildest representations. Cautions are now thrown overboard on issues that require facts with zero consideration for the readers' intelligence. The situation becomes more unfortunate when one is the subject of writing. A post alleging that the Director-General State Services (DGSS), Yusuf Bichi, CFR embezzled palliative funds meant for the personnel of the Secret Service is already making the rounds on social media. However, a close friend who works in that organization revealed that no such funds have been received by the DSS. This makes me wonder how people like Jackson Ude who posted the defamatory piece on X feel comfortable writing untruths about others.

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